Specialty Drug Copay Card Assistance Programs

New Specialty Medication Copay Program

Cleveland Clinic Employee Health Plan (EHP) members with Aetna (EHP and EHP Plus):  Do you or your dependents have prescriptions for specialty medications?

If so, good news — a new copay program will launch Jan. 1, 2023 and reduce your out-of-pocket cost for certain covered specialty medications. 

EHP and CVS Caremark are collaborating with PrudentRx to offer the new copay program for all health plan members who use particular specialty medications. This program will be available at no cost to plan members, and it will replace the current internal EHP specialty drug copay card assistance program for the majority of specialty medications.

Members who enroll in the PrudentRx program will not have a copay for their specialty medication prescriptions. If members do not enroll, they may be subject to 30% co-insurance costs for specialty medications after the annual prescription benefit deductible has been satisfied.

Next steps

Later this month, plan members who use specialty medications will receive a mailed letter from PrudentRx with enrollment instructions. If you receive a letter from PrudentRx, you will need to take action to enroll. PrudentRx will also reach out directly to members who qualify.

If you do not use a specialty medication included in the PrudentRx program, you will not receive a letter and no action will be required.

If you have questions about the PrudentRx specialty medication copay program, contact PrudentRx at 1.800.578.4403.  

PrudentRx improves the current copay card assistance program and provides deeper discounts for our members on many specialty medications. There are a handful of specialty medications currently a part of our internal EHP specialty drug copay card assistance program that are not included in the PrudentRx program. Our existing EHP specialty drug copay card assistance program will continue to provide discounts for these drugs.

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