Join WeightWatchers®

Join WeightWatchers® to experience a personalized, holistic weight-loss program that fits your life and provides tools to help you reach your wellness goals. EHP members have access to join WeightWatchers® at discounted rates.

Life's best moments include food - don't miss out!

WeightWatchers®, helps you improve your relationship with food so you can eat what you love and still lose weight.  The program also guides you towards eating healthier, moving more, and developing a positive mindset. 

  • Dine out (or drive through) with ease. WW’s award-winning app has a restaurant database with more than 450 popular spots. 
  • Share meals—without feeling left out. Discover over 12,500 recipes that your whole family will enjoy. 
  • Celebrate what makes life fun. Learn how to plan ahead for date nights, vacations, and whatever else brings you joy. 

Discounted Pricing

Join WeightWatchers® for as low as $9.25 per month on select plans—50% off the retail price!  This discount also applies to EHP dependents, including spouses and children (18-26 years of age). 

Core - Digital (online)
Premium - Digital + Workshops
WeightWatchers® discounted price per month$18.50$35.96
EHP contribution per month$9.25$17.98
Your price per month$9.25$17.98

How to Join:

  • Have your Health Plan ID card available
  • Make note of our employer code:  14558334
  • To learn more about our partnership with WeightWatchers® or to join now, visit

Please note:  Per HIPAA guidelines, all dependents 18 and over must sign up for the program on their own. Registration cannot be completed by the policy holder, parent, or legal guardian.

If you are a WeightWatchers® member and need help with your account, please call 1.866.204.2885 to speak to a representative.