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Find the latest information here regarding new plan offerings in 2023 for Akron General USW caregivers.

EHP and EHP Plus Health Plans available to USW caregivers in 2023

What does this mean for you? 

You’ll have health insurance coverage where you are. 

  • As our organization grows, it is important to offer our caregivers and their families options for comprehensive, nationwide health coverage.  
  • Two medical plans will be offered during open enrollment this fall: 
    • EHP plan, which includes Cleveland Clinic and Quality Alliance providers; 
    • EHP Plus plan, which features the EHP network plus Aetna’s national network — providing  more than 95% access to healthcare in all 50 states. 

The change doesn’t have to be complicated. 

  • Please continue to use your current health insurance cards through Dec. 31, 2022. 
  • We are working closely with Aetna to ensure a smooth transition for our caregivers. 


 As we approach open enrollment, Oct. 20  – Nov. 4, more information will be available on this site to help you make your health plan selections , including being able to look up providers and plan costs. 

Cleveland Clinic Akron General is invested in your health and well-being, and we look forward to continuing to offer comprehensive healthcare benefits and a competitive My Pay + Benefits package. 

Akron General USW FAQs

Yes, if you want healthcare benefits through Cleveland Clinic in 2023.

During open enrollment, you will have the choice between two health plans in Workday:

1. Employee Health Plan (EHP)
2. Employee Health Plan Plus (includes a national network of providers)

The EHP offering includes Cleveland Clinic providers, in addition to Quality Alliance providers.

Please note: Akron Children’s Hospital is not included in the EHP network.

EHP Plus
The EHP Plus offering gives members access to the providers available in the EHP plan (above), PLUS Aetna's Open Access Select network, which includes providers nationwide. Akron Children’s Hospital is included in the EHP Plus network.

Both plans offer the same benefits and coverage, while premium and network size differ. The choice is up to you when you make your health plan elections during open enrollment.

You must take action during open enrollment by logging into Workday and electing either the EHP or EHP Plus plan. More details on these health plans and the enrollment process will be made available as we get closer to open enrollment, Oct. 20 – Nov. 4.

A provider search will be available online for each network in October for you to see whether current providers will be covered for you in 2023.  

When deciding on which plan to select for 2023, you are strongly encouraged to check all of your current providers to see if they are listed in your new network choice. You are expected to receive all your care from the providers in the network you choose. 

No. Services provided by these medical institutions and their affiliates are not covered by either the EHP or EHP Plus health plan in 2023. In case of an emergency, services will be covered and if admitted, will be subject to the notification and transfer requirements outlined in the Summary Plan description.

No, the current prescription drug plan will continue to be managed by the EHP Pharmacy Management Department and administered by CVS/Caremark.

The EHP Prescription Drug Formulary can be found on the EHP website, along with other information related to the EHP Prescription Drug Benefit Program.  Medications may be added to the EHP Prescription Drug Formulary four times a year and removed from the EHP Prescription Drug Formulary twice a year, once at the start of the benefit year in January and again at mid-year in July. 

Yes, the Prescription Drug Benefit Program is the same for both EHP and EHP Plus members.

EHP and EHP Plus members can utilize any of the CVS store pharmacies, including those located inside Target stores, to obtain acute need prescription medications. Please note the charge will apply to your annual pharmacy deductible even if you fill the prescription with a generic medication.

Yes. Starting in 2023, your vision exams are covered under the EHP and EHP plus health plans. You also have the option to enroll in our vision plans, which provide discounts on glasses and contacts. More information about vision plan coverage will be provided closer to the open enrollment period.

Yes, please look for new medical ID cards in the mail prior to January 2023. Please be sure your address is up-to-date in Workday prior to open enrollment and remember to use your existing medical ID cards through December 2022 for services.

We are building the details of the plan offerings and additional information will be coming soon. Please bookmark this site for the most current information. You can also reach out to the following departments with general questions:

  • Workday questions: Contact the ONE HR Service Center at 216.448.2247 or 877.688.2247.
  • Employee Health Plan medical or benefits questions: Contact an EHP Specialist at 216.986.1050 (option 1) or 888.246.6648 (option 1).
  • EHP Pharmacy Management questions: Contact the Pharmacy Management Department at 216.986.1050 (option 4) or 888.246.6648 (option 4). You can also email the department at EHPRxMgmt@ccf.org.